RSS No More plugin

Here is my very first plugin and also very simple (remember: KISS) !

The need I had was to truncate my feed at the ‘more’ tag and as of WP2.8+ this is no longer possible : either you give away the full article or just a few chars, making it non attractive at all.

I had also being using a plugin calles RSS Footer but unless you mess with code editing, both would not work well together. So I added an extra option to add a FSS Footer as well.

So when you activate this plugin, by default your RSS feed will be truncated at the ‘more’ sign and a link to the full article is added at the bottom.

Version 0.2 introduced a simple (KISS remember ? ;-)) control pannel where you can choose to use the cut and/or footer functions.

The footer is fully configurable (tough no HTML allowed) and provides a few pre installed links such as article link, blog link and other variables sur as author name.

Get the RSS No More plugin at

Special thanks to Jay for his help. Make sure you step by his website if you like dogs !

Installation :

  1. The KISS way : go to you WP admin panel and search for ‘RSS No More’ in the extensions add submenu and install it from there or
  2. Get the zip file from, unzip it and upload the rss-no-more/ directory it to your wp-content/plugins/ directory (via FTP) and activate it the plugin section of WP admin pannel.

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